Miss Kayla

Ms. Kayla, Lead Toddler Teacher

Professional Background:

I started working for St. Anne’s in 2017 as an assistant teacher. Before that I had been teaching for six years at both the elementary and early childhood levels. I have worked with every age ranging from infants to first grade. I received my bachelors degree from Washington State University, and soon after graduating moved abroad to teach kindergarten in South Korea, where I realized my passion for being in the classroom, and have stayed in one ever since! I plan on furthering my education in this field, and look forward to each day I get to spend teaching children.


Teaching Philosophy:

I believe that a child can learn in many different ways, and not just through prepared lessons. They are constantly observing and taking in new information from the environment around them. A classroom is a perfect place for them to grow not only academically, but socially and emotionally as well.  

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