Infant and Pre-Toddler Program (1 month- up to 24 months of age)

Our program for Infants and Pre-Toddlers is designed to provide a sensory rich environment which stimulates all of the child’s senses while promoting bonding and attachment of the child and the caregiver. The bond between the child and their teacher supports the child’s self-confidence in their journey to independence. Children are provided the opportunity to explore and engage in a variety of physical and intellectually stimulating activities while being encouraged and supported by our nurturing staff. Teachers in our Infant and Pre-Toddler program work as a team between two interconnected classrooms. Each teacher in the teaching team is committed to developing positive relationships with every child in both classrooms. Lead Teachers will plan individualized activities for each child based on the teams observations and family input. By doing this, St. Anne’s is providing the most personal and individualized care and attention for your Infant and/or Pre-Toddler.