At St. Anne’s, the safety of our children is our number one priority.  To this end we have a state-of the art security system which includes several different elements.  The first is our web camera system.  Each classroom is equipped with a camera, which feeds a live-stream video  to our website.  Parents receive a secure user name and password when they enroll which allows them to view their child playing all day (excluding diapering and toilet areas).

Second we have a secure building. The only entrance to the inside of the building is the front door which is always locked.  Parents get a key fob which they use to open the door, and our friendly hospitality staff make it their priority to get to know each of our families, staff members, and volunteers, and therefore know who belongs in the building at all times.

Third we have a bio-scanner-based check-in system at the front desk.  Anyone who is authorized (by parent/guardian)  to pick up a child must scan their fingerprints into the attendance system.  They also need to show picture ID the first time they pick up a child at the front desk and in the classroom.  Once they have registered their fingerprints, their picture is uploaded into our attendance system so the hospitality staff and teaching staff know who they are and know they have authorization to pick up the child.

All of these elements have been thoughtfully implemented in order to maintain a safe and secure environment for our children 100% of the time they are in our care.