2017 Closure Dates and Family Events

2017 Closure Dates and Family Calendar


  • New Year’s Day Observed: Monday 2nd Center CLOSED
  • Martin Luther King Day: Monday 16th Center CLOSED



  • Professional Development Day for Staff: Friday 17th  Center CLOSED
  • Presidents Day: Monday 20th Center CLOSED



  • No events/closures scheduled



  • No events/closures scheduled



  • Mother’s Day Event: Friday 12th
  • Class Pictures: TBD
  • Parent-Teacher Conferences: Friday 19th Center CLOSED
  • Memorial Day: Monday 29th Center CLOSED



  • Pre-School Graduation: TBD
  • Dad’s Play Date: Friday 16th



  • Independence Day: Tuesday 4th Center CLOSED



  • Professional Development Day for Staff: Friday 18th  Center CLOSED



  • Labor Day: Monday 4th Center CLOSED
  • Grandparent’s Day Event: Friday 8th



  • Cyrus O’Leary Pie Sale: TBD
  • Halloween/Trunk Or Treat: TBD



  • Veterans Day Observed: Friday 10th Center CLOSED
  • Parent-Teacher Conferences: Friday 17th Center CLOSED
  • Thanksgiving Lunch: TBD
  • Thanksgiving: Thursday 23th & Friday 24th Center CLOSED



  • Family Holiday Party: TBD
  • Christmas Eve Observed: Tuesday 26th Center CLOSED
  • Christmas Day: Monday 25th  Center CLOSED


St. Anne’s staff has paid holidays so on these days the center is closed. St. Anne’s is also closed for two professional development days in February and August to provide professional networking and training involving our entire teaching staff. We are also closed for one Friday in May and one in November for parent-teacher conferences. This time is set aside for teachers to meet with families and discuss children’s progress.

**St. Anne’s Closure dates for parent-teacher conferences & staff professional development are coordinated with the Spokane Public School closure dates as much as possible. We do work off of a draft calendar and there is the chance that there could be changes. Looking at next year’s calendar there are mostly half days, and not full closure days scheduled. Please note that closure dates are subject to change with written notice of 60 days. Dates listed as TBD will be determined and families will be notified at least 30 days prior to event date.**