Infant and Pre-Toddler Curriculum

Curriculum Designed for Our Youngest Children

At St. Anne’s, we believe that caring for infants and toddlers is about developing attachments with our children and building relationships with our families. Given the critical importance of the first three years, it is important to create a program that is responsive to the developmental needs of children this age.

Our staff sets up the classroom environments by selecting learning and play materials, planning interactions with children, and developing routines so that children will feel safe and nurtured. It is important to us that we incorporate your family, culture, and community into our classroom environment. This assists your child in feeling comfortable when coming from home to child care.

Our weekly plans will identify goals for each of our children. Teachers develop these goals by building a relationship with you and your child, and by observing your child’s play, eating, and sleeping routines. The teacher will select learning and play materials to incorporate into both the inside and outside environments to assist your child in reaching these goals.

Each child is a priority.  All of the staff will care for each child as we integrate our infant and pre-toddler programs. Teachers in our infant and pre-toddler programs work as a team between two interconnected classrooms. All of the teachers in the team develop relationships with each of the children in both classrooms. The Lead Teacher will be the staff person who plans your baby or toddler’s activities, however all of teachers will be involved in observing and implementing the curriculum. In this way St. Anne’s is providing the most personal care and attention for your baby or toddler.

Leaving your baby or toddler in someone else’s care can be a difficult transition for the parent or guardian. You are your child’s first teacher. Our goal will be to work with you to make your child’s experience at St. Anne’s an extension of their experience at home. We will ask you to bring in pictures of family or favorite pets, and tell us about what is happening at home so we can incorporate this into your child’s time with us at St. Anne’s.