Pre-school Wing

Preschool classrooms

Our preschool classrooms are based on Creative Curriculum which prepares children for school intellectually, socially, emotionally, creatively, and physically. Learning environments expose children to a wide range of facts, materials, ideas, and experiences and provide opportunities to learn in both large and small group settings. Bathrooms are located directly adjoining classrooms and all furnishings and facilities are sized for this age group.

Preschool Outdoor Play Area

The outdoor area is full of space to ride tricycles and test growing large motor skills. Children enjoy climbing and sliding. Outdoors is so important- it’s what we adults remember as the best part of our childhood!

Our preschool outdoor area is a natural playscape. Natural playscapes are extraordinary places for young children to discover themselves and the world around them. Since children learn with their whole bodies we crafted our natural play space with our children as our guides. The natural playscape provides for imaginative play, big body movement, balancing, climbing, riding, exploring nature and relaxing and enjoying time with each other. It has unique features such as a child-sized pergola, raised vegetable gardens, wooden teepee with imaginary “fire pit”, and child-sized log benches and stumps for sitting and enjoying each other. The circular sidewalk makes for fun on trikes and scooters. The environment changes as children’s interests evolve. The seasons may bring in leaves and hay bales in the fall, snow castles or igloos in the winter, flowers and plants in the spring, and water activities in the summer. As our children’s interests blossom so does our playscape!


Our courtyard is an extension of the preschool classrooms. On any given day you will see children using the easels, investigating the sensory table, or bouncing a ball. They can also sit in the natural garden enjoying the humming bird atrium, butterfly house or tending to their plants in their own greenhouse.

This unique space provides children with the opportunity to explore nature, participate in water play, and practice gross motor skills including running, jumping, climbing, pushing, pulling, and balancing. We have raised gardens and a green house where children can discover plant life and participate in nurturing and maintain the garden areas.