St Annes Kitchen

St Annes Kitchen-

As early learning professionals we are committed to providing the highest level of care for all of the children we serve. Nutrition and healthy eating practices play a critical role in children’s health and well-being. At St. Anne’s we follow consistent, healthy eating practices that support children in developing healthy eating habits and create an environment that promotes healthy behaviors.

We offer a wide variety of healthy foods, we strive to provide the highest quality products and offer fresh seasonal foods when available. When offered a variety of nutritious foods, children instinctively choose a balanced diet. St. Anne’s food policies are based on best practices identified through the facility’s participation in the Eastern Washington Start Healthy Start Now program, public health research, national health recommendations, and the mission and philosophy of St. Anne’s Children and Family Center.


Kitchen Staff-

DawnLead Cook- Dawn

I have been professionally cooking and baking since 1992. Over the years I have worked in a variety of different types of kitchen settings. Some of my highlights include, Catering at the Spokane club, Training and cooking for Airmen and Airwomen at Fairchild Air Force Base, cooking and teaching for a local childcare center, owned and operated a local bakery, and now at St. Anne’s.
I love to cook, the endless possibilities to discover amaze me. I have a passion for making healthy food taste good. I love letting food speak its own flavors by keeping it fresh, clean and whole. My daily goal is to give your children a variety of good healthy food. My hope is they discover flavors, textures, and smells while learning to appreciate their own tastes.



Asst Cook- Karen

I graduated from the Culinary Arts Program (Pheta Beta Kappa) in 2002. I grew up in my families bakery, Strick’s Donuts and have had my own catering business since 2000. I have been involved with several non-profit charities.

I believe in teaching children at an early age to eat healthy. There is so much fun in food! My goals are to make nutritious and tasty meals, to introduce new and exciting foods that are kid friendly.